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Samuel L Jackson: The Spirit

Posted by Jonathan On December - 26 - 2008

sljspirit1Did he break your concentration? SLJ talks swearing, Scarlett and The Spirit….

Is it true you became an actor to get the drugs and girls?

In the beginning? Oh yeah, man. It was all about the chicks, the drugs and the applause. The artistic appreciation comes later. It’s just something about being a young actor. Girls were like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so good in the play.’ I was like, ‘Really? You like me?’

How was it working with Scarlett Johansson in The Spirit?

Yeah… it was tough! No, Scarlett’s fun. So much fun. When you see her in the film, you’re gonna be like, ‘Wooow…’

As a former addict, did it help you to play a drug addict in Jungle Fever?

Yeah, totally. That kinda gained me an opportunity to kill off a real demon inside me. It was like, ‘Okay, I don’t have to do this anymore. Because that particular thing is dead now.’ It was great.

What’s the biggest role you’ve missed out on?

I remember having a meeting with The Wachowski Brothers about The Matrix. Then somebody else got it. But I actually tend to believe you only do the jobs you’re really supposed to do.

Do people still want you to say famous lines from Pulp Fiction?

People constantly ask me if I know what they call quarter-pounder with cheese in France.

Do you mind?

It’s very funny. Sometimes it’s even funnier, because I go, ‘No, what?’ And they go, ‘Come on! Yeah, you do!’ But if they remember the movie well, that’s what Jules said. ‘No, what?’ Then go, ‘Royale with cheese.’ I’ve only ever had three people answer the exact way it is in the movie. Those people really, really love the movie!

Is it true you used to stammer?

Yeah, and it still comes around sometimes. If I try to talk too fast or if I’m tired. Some days it’s Ls, some days it’s Ms, some days it’s Ps.

What’s your favourite swear word?

Hahaha! My assistant was actually trying to count how many times I said motherfucker in a conversation. She stopped counting at 36. In an hour. Fuck this fucking fucker!

Why do all your characters wear crazy wigs?

I keep asking for them! Yeah. That’s how it happens. I always look at a character and go, ‘What kind of hair does he have?’

What’s your favourite?

Probably the Unbreakable wig. I’ve still got it. I’ve got all of them. In fact, My hairdresser just had this art show in LA, including this case which had all the different wig we’d done.

How does it feel to be 60?

It’s kind of amazing that I am going to be that old. When I look in the mirror, it’s not what I expected to see when I heard the number 60. I can look at myself and go, ‘Hmm, I look okay. I can still hang out.’  But I’m really, really glad that after all the places that I’ve come from and all things that I’ve done, I’m still around, I’m still healthy, I’m still viable.

Why do you still make so many movies?

Well, it’s not hard. It’s just work. I mean, you go to work every day, right?

Yes, but wouldn’t you like to take it easy?

But! If you made as much money as I did, for doing what I do, you would go every day. Believe me. I go to work, and out of a 16-hour day, I work an hour and a half. The rest of that time, I’m watching television, I’m on the phone, I’m eating sandwiches, I’m sleeping. I’m just chilling. The majority of my day is spent chilling!

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