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Travel: Eva Mendes

Posted by Jonathan On June - 6 - 2009

eva_mendesThe Hollywood scorcher tells us why Cubans are so hot, who she loves to travel with and the one thing she’ll never leave home without..

1. “I’m really looking forward to when a movie takes me to Italy. I’m a big Antonioni fan and a big Italian cinema fan. L’Avventura is one of my favourite movies, so if I can just be on an island in Ischia or Capri or something. Hopefully I won’t get lost though!”

2. “I’ve never been to Egypt and I’m dying to go. Believe it or not, if I wasn’t doing acting, I’d be an archaeologist or an Egyptologist. Absolutely.”

3. “I love the people in London but Manchester is one of my favourite cities in England. It’s so different to where I come from. A lot of my favourite bands, like Oasis and The Charlatans, are from Manchester so that’s how my attraction to it started. Then I randomly met these Mancunians who were back-packing in LA and I went to visit them in Manchester.”

4. “Cubans have the best food. Misconception: people think Cubans like hot peppers and salsa. That is not Cuban. That is Caribbean. We Cubans love garlic. And there’s a thing called yucca, it’s a vegetable root. That with some garlic on it? Forget it, call it a day.”

5. “If I could take one thing to a desert island it would probably be crushed red pepper. Because I’m addicted to it! I LOVE it! It just makes everything taste better. Sometimes I carry it in my bag, because sometimes you can insult the chef if you ask for it. So I just sneak it out of my bag. Never been caught…”

6. “My ideal travelling partner would be Cameron Diaz, because I’ve travelled with her before. We went to Nepal and Bhutan and that girl is fearless. She acted as my boyfriend and my protector – she’s an explorer and a real world traveller. I have certain fears: I’ll see a huge bug or arachnid and really not be okay with it at all and do the girly thing. And she’s pick it up, she’s observe it, she’s wonder where it came from and then she’ll set it free.”

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