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Ron Jeremy: My Secret Hollywood Career

Posted by Jonathan On May - 25 - 2009

ronjeremyThe porn legend reveals the parts of him you never saw…

1. Ghostbusters (1984)

“I was the janitor of the firehouse where the whole thing takes place. I get slimed! A lot of magazines all over the world printed the scene where I’m looking up in the air when the slime comes down. I loved getting slimed! I spent a couple of days on it with Bill Murray and the whole cast. They all knew who I was. Ivan Reitman was directing it and he’d just produced a film called Rabid with Marilyn Chambers, who was a very big porn star. She was a very good friend of mine, so Ivan put me in just the right spot where I was able to show up. The camera got me in a good close-up. When the camera really focuses in on you, you kinda become known as a ‘silent bit’ not an extra. I got phonecalls from all over the world because it’s a huge movie: ‘What are you doing in Ghostbusters??'”

2. 9.1/2 Weeks (1986)

“I was a special consultant on this movie – I gave Mickey Rourke and Adrian Lyne a little bit of advice about the industry. And I also helped cast some of the scenes. Like when Mickey and Kim Basinger go to a place called Show World. Adrian Lyne wanted to know what goes on in places like that. I provided the couple that are having sex on the ground and Kim Basinger watches it. She’s just mesmerised by it. And then she kisses a total stranger. It’s a big turning point in the movie. Mickey and I became good friends. We were together when he was nominated for an Academy Award.”

3. Killing Zoe (1994)

“Roger Avary has put me in a lot of films and I have dialogue in all of them. I’m in Rules Of Attraction as a piano player, but my best role is in Killing Zoe – I’m the guy gets shot in the bank trying to pull a ring off someone’s finger. Roger and I met at the Cannes film festival and Tarantino produced Killing Zoe so I got to meet him too.”

3. Orgazmo (1997)

“Trey Parker and Matt Stone came to me for Orgazmo. Isn’t it wild? I did a fight scene where Trey Parker caved my head in. My head literally explodes. I’m dead! But then I’m in the scene the next day. I said, ‘But Trey, I died!’ He said, ‘Ronny, you just don’t get it.’ Trey would shoot beautiful porn stars in movie, but he would never show their boobs. He would show the men’s asses. Whenever a girl lowers her bra, an ass gets in the way. Then he shows the audience that a house blowing up is just a model. He has a black guy standing in for a white guy. But they released Orgazmo two years after it was made. By now, South Park has come out and they’ve been killing Kenny every episode. At the screening, Trey looks at me: ‘Well?’ I get it. He stood up to the audience and said, ‘Ron finally gets it, ladies and gentlemen!’ I see why I died and come back – because they break all the rules.”

4. Boogie Nights (1997)

“Paul Thomas Anderson wanted to learn about the porn business so he hired me as a consultant. My consulting came more before the movie. He came to all my sets. I even took him to the Cannes film festival and the AVN to see what awards shows are like. He learned what the industry was all about. And the cast came to the sets as well. He had Heather Graham on rollerskates from the very beginning so she could get the hang of rollerskating. She watched me do a sex scene while she was a rollerskates! Tom Cruise didn’t visit though… No. Mark Wahlberg did. Burt Reynolds did not. He said, ‘It’s not necessary. I know how they things are made!'”

5. Ronin (1998)

“‘Ron Hyatt’ also appears on film in Reindeer Games with Ben Affleck and Ronin with Robert De Niro. But they spelled it ‘Hiatt’ by mistake. It says on the credits: Ron Hiatt – Fishmonger. I owned a fish store. And during the famous chase sequence, it gets smashes to pieces. I’ve been in six of John Frankenheimer’s movies: two I was cut from, four you see me in. But Ronin is the only time I’ve been cut because of the adult industry. I was too recognisable. And Frank Mancuso, who was running United Artists, thought that it slowed down the scene.”

6. The Boondock Saints (1999)

“I love that film, it’s so huge all over the world. Troy Duffy was a very sweet guy. The documentary Overnight was made by a couple of disgruntled workers, so they made him look bad. He’s not a crazy egomaniac, he’s a great guy. He wrote the part for his uncle, but he thought I was a pretty decent actor, he’d seen my in a lot of movies – and a couple of straight ones! – and he just put me in the show. And who knew it would be such a cult film?”

7. Domino (2005)

Mickey Rourke helped me get this job on Domino, by Tony Scott. I had a really good scene – but it got cut out. I was so depressed. I was a drug dealer who got chased by Keira Knightley and Mickey. If you look at my autobiography, I’ve got great photographs of me and Keira and my stuntman. It was a montage scene and they just thought it was too long and discarded it. Tony apologised. I’ve got the footage too actually, for posterity.”

8. Crank 2 (2009)

“I do a really funny bit where porn picketers block a chase scene and I yell at Jason Statham. I added my own line and they loved it: “You got a weapon? I got a weapon… In my pants!” Actually, it’s interesting, because in Hollywood, you have a union – whereas porn is non-union. Jason Statham and I hung out together. He’s a great guy. He’s very muscular – but not that tall.”



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