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Cannes 2008: Terminator Salvation

Posted by Jonathan On July - 15 - 2008

term4The Halcyon Company producers Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson announce Terminator 4, 5 and 6…

Why is Termintor Salvation being directed by the man behind Charlie’s Angels?

Derek Anderson: Obviously you have to look at somebody’s experience and where they’ve been. But we all grow up and we all evolve. We didn’t hire McG based on past work. He just had such a particular vision and love for the franchise. If we’d met him for something else, we may not have hired him.

What was that vision?

DA: An amazing story and real development of the characters, but at the same time making it huge and explosive and visually unexpected. He stood up and talked about his vision for the movie and it was so compelling that it made the hairs stand up on my neck. And now we keep seeing the dailies and it keeps getting better and better.

Victor Kubicek: Without getting into the plot, it’s hard to tell you what happened. But it was one of those moments. He’s really pushing himself. Even after just three weeks, we’re SO excited about what we’re seeing already.

How large are you going on the visual effects?

VK: Revolutionary special effects is sort of the Terminator signature. Of course, we’re going to uphold that to the full extent.

DA: I mean, look at T2. In terms of setting the bar again, that’s what we want to do with Terminator Salvation. We’ve got Charlie Gibson, who’s the Academy Award-winning genius behind the effects you see in Pirates Of The Caribbean and Stan Winston is on board too. Everybody committed to pushing it to the next level.

There was a very human heart beating in Cameron’s Terminators. Are you keen on hang on to this?

DA: I think the fact we have Christian Bale in the lead as John Connor speaks volumes to how committed we are to make this a really human story, with rich, fully developed characters. It’s certainly not just about action for action’s sake. There’s a real arc here, there’s real characters we’re really invested in. And I don’t think Christian would ever play a role that didn’t have that.

Has James Cameron been involved at all?

DA: James called McG and said, ‘You gotta see Sam Worthington for this film.’ He’s this Australian actor who’s the star of James Cameron’s Avatar. He was amazing, so we cast him!

VK: It’s definitely been nice to feel that James has been keeping an eye on us.

What’s the story?

DA: It’s set in the future and it’s the first in the next trilogy. We’re going to get to know who John Connor is, which is going to be really exciting for people. There’s a glimpse of the grown-up John in Terminator 2 – but we’ve only had a glimpse. And now you get to see John Connor the man.

Was it hard to get Christian Bale?

DA: He was our first choice and we sent him the script and he said yes immediately. So that was it.

VK: The sentiment was he’d just done Batman so a franchise this large would be daunting for him, but he read the script and he came on board immediately. I think it’s a testament to the quality of the script, the idea and where it’s going.

How has Bale approached the role?

DA: Because it’s Christian, he totally immerses himself in a new role and transforms himself and this will be no exception.


DA: You wouldn’t want to mess with John Connor, that’s for sure. He’s in amazing shape. And so focused. He is John Connor. And he’s committed the trilogy – the full three films. For him, like everybody, it’s not just a role or a job. It’s, ‘Oh my God, we’re making Terminator.’

How about the Terminators? Will Schwarzenegger be back? Is Josh Brolin playing one?

DA: We can’t comment on that! I know, I’m sorry!

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